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I always see a flower before it blooms.                               Richard T Hicks 2020
I was not always like that.  Why and exactly how in the world did my perspective change over the years? I used to be completely opposite. 

I was a Norman Negative and Pessimistic Peter. You name it, I was it. I seen the glass half empty never half full.

I was a constant worrier about the future and lived in the past. It was as if everyday was a drudgery.  

All I could see before me as all my mistakes I had made in my life. All I seen in the mirror was one big mistake. It is as if I lived mistake after mistake. I felt like a scratched up record that could not be fixed.  

Before I fell asleep at night not only did my mind replay the negative from that day but it was like it domino'ed a past of bad negative choices I had made in life surfaced....  I wanted to die but was afraid to...  It would keep me up for hours tormenting my mind.....

I don't really think I am the only one who has miserably liv…

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