Slammed Doors

“When you say that a situation or a person is hopeless, you are slamming the door in the face of God.”
This is a quote from Charles L. Allen that I posted back years ago on Facebook. Instead of just re-sharing the quote I felt lead to write a blog post about it.
What is God speaking and are you really listening?
What would Jesus do?”

There have been times in my life where I know for a fact that “people” slammed the door in my face and gave up on me. They seen me as a hopeless case, a lost cause… that I would never amount to anything or change or even you might say ‘grow up!’
For me though, change started where?  In my mind…It looks many years to be transformed by the renewing of my mind by the Word of God….what does that mean you say??  I finally allowed God to redefine me.  I grew up to the point that I didn’t care what people thought, but….this is the important part of this whole message….“I made the choice and decided to think about what God thought about me MORE THAN what even others t…

Learning to Really Listen

I could never write about something I have not experienced myself. In all of my fiction and nonfiction writings there is something I cannot get away from and that is a ray of truth and that truth is Jesus Christ. I love HIM more now that ever.Before I get heavily involved with what happened this morning I want to tell you about a awesome devotional called First15. This morning and for the next several days, the author is speaking on ways to hear the voice of GOD speak to you. The first in this weekly series is called GOD SPEAKS. First15 has a free app in the app store that you can download directly on your IPhones.I have it on my phone and you can get alerts or notifications that will let you know when its ready for you on that day. I love this app. But this morning when I read it….ahh lets just say I will never be the same!!! There is a section in the app called PRAYER time. Just a tid bit here for all you nice and wonderful readers. Here are the three points of focus in listening to…

Spiritual Mantles: Part 2

I wrote a post several weeks ago on our Spiritual Mantles. I would encourage you to read part 1 of that post:

I believe that the Holy Spirit just revealed to me about my own mantle....That spiritual covering I have experienced in His Presence is the grace of GOD. I have read a lot of readings about our spiritual mantles and that we carry on the mantles of our spiritual mentors. I have looked to GOD my Father through His Holy Spirit. I have not really had a mentor in the faith. Yet the Holy Spirit has been my teacher...rightly so...the way it should be!!!I do believe I have been called to be a prophet of His grace by proclaiming the grace of God through my writings right now and who knows the future work of the call that He may have me to do. I humbly submit to GOD and allow His Holy Spirit to give me the words to write for the glory of Jesus Christ!! What about you? Have you felt the unction of your fu…

The Grace Message

Though out the new Testament it talks of the grace of God.  But what exactly does this word mean and how does it apply to us?
In Luke 2, it even says that Jesus grew in the grace of God. If Jesus grew up in the grace of God so can we and our children as well.  I believe we can grow in grace that our holy Father extends to us each day. I have come to believe that it means much more than just the favor of GOD.
And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14
There just seems to me that something even more glorious about the grace of GOD. something more than a simple definition...something very supernatural about the grace of GOD that can fill us up and give us assess and bring us before the maker of heaven and earth in the Most Holy Place!!!
So many people cheapen grace and wash it down using grace as a excuse to get away with sin.  If you only saw grace like I do, if God has truly given yo…

Just say "NO."

During the course of our day, there are many voices vying for our attention.  I  believe that as a believer in Jesus, you have the voice of the Holy Spirit inside you teaching you and guiding you into the things of GOD. I also believe the enemy of our souls has a voice as well that tempts us. Last but not least, I believe that we also have the voice of the flesh causing strife with us.
What if you actually could have have the power to silence all these voices that we hear in our mind? You have the power to choose to say "NO" to the voice of the enemy and the flesh! I am here to tell you that Jesus has given us that ability and authority against those sinful voices.
Our culture and the society we live in has a yes mentality. Some of us have never just said no....we have very weakly given in and said yes to appease those mental voices to shut them up. Do those thoughts still tempt, taunt, and harass and control our every move?
We need to take inventory of our thought life, disall…

On Bended Knees

The best thing I can tell you is that GOD loves you and wants a relationship with you. Now is the time to NOT give in to the schemes of the devil. Its easy to pull away from GOD in the flesh, and tough to stick with it.
I went through periods of time in my walk in Christ when I did pull away and the results were disastrous! I have to blame myself to a extent in that, but also if we give the devil a inch he takes a foot. The enemy of our soul and his minions revel in his victories over us. If he could he would keep us down for the count. He wants to knock the spiritual wind out of us in defeat after defeat. He wants us without hope and faith doubting the works of GOD. Any way he can gain a foothold he will!
But you know what? When we bow our knees to Jesus, that is when HE truly fights for us! He won a great victory over the devil when HE died on the cross of Calvary.  Still believers are falling by the wayside. Bruised and bleeding... 
When will we learn to get on our knees and lift our …

Putting GOD in a BOX??

As long as you put GOD 'in a box' you will NOT experience all that HE has for you...healing, deliverance from sin, and the well as watching the words of your mouth. You should desire all that God has. Its high time to get rid of that box of hypocritical religiosity!!!
Please do not limit HIM when he can do so much more in your life.  When you restrict GOD, you are more or less putting JESUS in a box. HE can not live and more through you if you confine HIM from doing so!!!
We should bare our souls and lay our lives down on that altar of sacrifice unto HIM, and not try to stuff GOD in a box saying "YOU can do this or that, but not touch that part of my life." Do not hold back of those areas that stay hidden from everyone else because of guilt and shame!! 
Living the Christian walk should be less about you and more about HIM. Its not all about what HE can do 'for' you, but what HE can do 'through' you for Him to reach into others around you. It i…